Who we are

Expert consultant network.

Symvion is an expert consultant network and outsourcing service provider for the food & beverage industry in the field of innovation & new product development.

Combining strategic advise with operational experience.

We specialize in leveraging the innovative power of our international partner network to help clients adapt to the fast pace of market and consumer change and make their brands live, grow and flourish. Symvion accelerates the success of its customers with an integrated advise-empower-operate approach. In addition to increasing Research, Development and Marketing productivity, we help especially in developing new innovation management abilities and take over areas of R&D operation. Our approach is dynamic and driven by the needs of our customers and their end consumers.

plus_weissWith symvion, global food companies have the ability to fill all outsourcing needs with a single supplier who offers a complete, integrated solutions

Combining strategic advise with operational experience.